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Our pupils have given us important feedback on the Relationship and Sex Education sessions they have experienced. Here are a selection of their responses:


Owen -   RSE was fun but some people lower in the school may be less mature when talking about it.  It is about your body and the changes that happen as you grow up, and the decisions you can make in the future.  


Ben -  In RSE, we learnt about what happens to our bodies when we grow older, including why boys’ voices get deeper and what causes this to happen.  


Alfie -  In RSE, we learnt about different parts of our bodies and how babies are made, understanding how a woman carries and provides everything a baby needs while it grows inside her.  It gave me goose bumps talking about it as it is not a subject I have talked much about before.


Jack -  In RSE I have enjoyed learning how the body changes and pregnancy as I didn’t know much about these before.  It is important we learn these things because we are all going to grow into adults and need to be ready for it.  In learning about pregnancy, we can better understand how we were made, and to understand what is involved in bringing up a baby if we choose this in the future, even if it is a long way off in the future.  


Aydan -  I was worried about our learning in RSE because I thought it would have some rude things in it.  We did learn about the proper names for our body parts which felt strange using these words, but it is about getting us ready for when grow up.  In learning about how babies are made, it is about us know the right information if we choose to have our own children in the future.


Bailey -  It was weird learning about sex and relationships because in school you wouldn’t normally be allowed to use some of the words because they can be rude.  We were taught the correct names for all of our body parts and can speak to openly in class as long as we are sensible.  We understand the need to think carefully about what we say about younger children, as their lessons will be different about these things will be different because of their age.


Tegan -  I didn’t think our learning about sex and relationships would be anything like it turned out to be.  I didn’t know about a lot of the topics we discussed.  It still feel a bit weird to think I am growing up and will soon become an adult.


Charleigh –  Learning about sex and relationships is helpful for my future, although I still think talking about our bodies is disgusting and embarrassing.   


Billie-Jo –  The RSE lessons were helpful for future situations.  They have given me good understanding which means I am better prepared and can use this information in the future.


Isaac –  I liked learning about RSE because it is not like other lessons.  We did lots more talking about topics, taking our learning from PowerPoints, videos and group tasks and did not have to do lots of writing in our books.  The information we learnt was very detailed about things that will happen as we grow up and in the future.  It is important everybody learnings about changes and experiences that can happen to others, so boys can understand girls and girls can understand boys.

Leon  -  I felt really mature while we learnt about Sex and Relationships.  It is what is going to happen to us when we grow up and it is important we know about the changes that will happen to ourselves and our bodies.   With this information, when we are older we know about our choices and can decide how to form our own families.

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